Introduction and Descriptions

Chi Tester is a system for administering tests, surveys, and tutorials on the World Wide Web. All aspects of giving an exam (or other assessment instrument) are computer and web-based. A Web server stores tests, allows properly identified students to take tests at prescribed times and places. The server scores the subsequent answers and offers results to instructors and students.

Instructors and other exam managers write their tests with their usual word processor then use a web browser to submit, proofread, and manage tests. To see how an instructor would do this, see the Getting Started Guide and the (older) Instructor's Guide. Students read the test and submit answers through a web browser. To see how a student would do this, view the demos. Both instructors and students access results through a browser.

Chi Tester is a derivative product of WebTester, which was originally developed at Weber State University, Ogden, Utah. Project team members are Craig Gundy, Professor of Health Science; Jeff Willden, computer software and multimedia developer; and Eric Jacobson, Director of Academic Computing.

A grant from the Utah Higher Education Technology Initiative funded the development of WebTester which began in the Summer of 1996. Trial tests were given in Fall, 1996 and Winter, 1997. In Fall, 1997 administration of WebTester was transferred to the Weber State University Testing Center, under the direction of Wayne Flitton.

Development of an advanced version, under the new name Chi Tester, began in late 1997 under the direction of the original development team. Subsequent versions, written in ColdFusion and SQL Server have been released since that date. These versions are owned and maintained by Chi Squared Software, Inc. They are available commercially and distributed under the name Chi Tester.