Remote Proctors

To qualify for a proctor you must live outside Weber, Davis, or Morgan counties.

Find a Proctor

  • Proctors should be found very soon after registering for the course.
  • Suitable proctors include college or university testing centers and in some cases military education centers.
  • The proctor must provide a computer with internet access and understand instructions written in English. They must also provide a business address, phone number, and email address. Public email (such as gmail, hotmail, etc…) will not be accepted.
  • It is likely you will have to pay for a proctor, and any fees required are your responsibility as the student.
  • Current students can log into Chi Tester and view a list of proctors previously used by other students, or you can find a college testing center on your own and submit them for approval.

Fill out the Proctor approval form

    •  Go to Chi Tester and log in using your username and password.
    •  Select the “Distance Test” Tab and click the “Set up a Proctor” button.
    • You can search for proctors previously used in your area by entering the first few digitsl of your zip code or their last name (if you have already found someone).
    • If the search finds someone you want to use, highlight the name and click on “OK” when prompted.
    • This will take you to a form that will automatically fill in your information. Click on the “Submit” button in the bottom right corner of the page.
    • Your proctor will receive an email with your request. After your proctor has accepted the terms and conditions, your request will then be submitted for review and approval.  After final approval,  you will receive an email confirming your proctor has been approved. If your  request is denied by either the institution or the proctor,  you will receive an email notification and the status will say “Denied” in the “Distance Tests” tab.
    • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing new proctors. NOTE: All communication will be delivered via your official university email address (

Request a Test

  • Go to Chi Tester and log in using your username and password.
  • Select the “Distance Test” tab, highlight the proctor you want to use, and select “Request Test for this Proctor.”
  • Highlight the test you want to request and click “Request Proctored Test.” (If the button remains disabled please contact your instructor).
  • You will then see a confirmation of your request. Click on the “Done” button.
  • You should now contact your proctor and make arrangements with them to take your exam and to verify they have received the test password. Note: this should be completed 3-5 days in advance and must be done prior to each exam.

Take your test

  •  Be sure to take your picture ID with you to the exam site. Exams will not be given to anyone without a picture ID. No Exceptions.
  • For online test log in to Chi Tester using your user name and password and click the “Testing” tab.
  • Locate the exam you want to take and highlight it. Click on the “Take This Test” button.
  • You will then see a screen asking for the password. This is where your proctor will enter the test password giving you access to the exam.
  • Paper/pencil exams will be accessed and provided by the proctor.
  • When your exam is completed your proctor will either certify the exam (for online tests) or fax the exam back to the instructor.